A Network of 17 Microtubule-Related Genes Highlights Functional Deregulations in Breast Cancer

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The microtubule cytoskeleton is a key component of the cell and an important target for breast cancer therapy. Microtubule organization and function are tightly regulated by a panel of microtubule-related proteins (MT-Rel) to ensure cellular homeostasis. Deregulation of MT-Rel genes is likely to impact microtubule dynamics and subsequent cell functions. In this study, we evaluate the prognostic value of a panel of 17 MT-Rel genes in breast tumors and the functional consequence of their deregulation using a Systems Biology approach. This study highlights MT-Rel as potential prognostic biomarkers and interesting therapeutical targets to evaluate in breast cancer.

Sylvie Rodrigues-Ferreira, Morgane Morin, Gwenn Guichaoua, Hadia Moindjie, Maria M. Haykal, Olivier Collier, Véronique Stoven and Clara Nahmias