Human-centered artificial intelligence in Île-de-France


What is AI4IDF?

Isabelle Ryl
Listen to Isabelle Ryl (INRIA) explain it in 2 min (in French)
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The goal

The aim of AI4IDF is to capitalize on the scientific and industrial fabric of the Paris Region to make it a key player in the construction of a frugal, reliable and efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to cohabit with human beings and assist them in their decision-making.

Discover our objectives

The stakes

AI4IDF aims to deepen knowledge in AI while keeping the human being at the center of its concerns. Paris Region (Ile-de-France) must play a major role in this sector of the future, through its scientific excellence and incomparable ecosystem.

What's at stake

The 4 axis
  1. Learning and optimization
  2. NLP and dialogue with humans
  3. Robotics, motion and human interaction
  4. AI in people's lives

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